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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Monster M

I have always written things everywhere; on napkins, old receipts, the backs of junk mail envelopes and in the middle of half full notebooks. A lot of it gets lost in my clutter or probably even thrown out. I should really start saving things in a box or something. Anyhow...I was making a grocery list in a notebook I found tucked between some old books I haven't picked up in awhile, and found the following piece of work. If I remember right, I wrote this about a year or two ago. 


The Monster M

You said he'd never get to you
You're just too smart for him
You'd never fall for his dirty tricks
You'll never let him win

Go ahead, put on your mask 
The one your lies hide behind
Don't let your secrets all sip out
Keep them locked inside your mind

Quickly now, he's coming fast
You'd better start to run
That monster in the shadows
Just wants to have some fun

He caught up with you now, didn't he?
I guess you weren't that smart
Now you're struggling not to break
While you slowly fall apart

That monster, he'll be waiting now
Everywhere you go
You can never ever hide from him
It's sad, but now you know

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