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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

When Darkness Calls

I am starting to realize I like to write some dark shit. Found this little guy in the pocket of one of the folders I am using to store research for my novel. I wrote it some time within the past few months. Not sure when. it is.

When Darkness Calls

Dead eyes stare across deserted barren wastelands.
Scorched canvases splattered with dark red paint.

Bodies writhe and slither on desecrated ground.
Blackened branches clench aching muscles tight.

Thorns scratch and tear at tender unmarked flesh.
Blood beads and flows over paper white skin.

Thick heartbeats echo through broken empty spaces.
Cold hard steel replaces supple skin and bones.

Pull and push silent screams of pain.
Battlefields of death and blood remain.

Wars fought and lost.
When darkness calls.

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